Objectives Ex-ante assessment

The main objectives of the ex-ante assessment (i.e. module 2) are as follows:

  • On the basis of module 1, identify the major changes which have occurred since the entry into force of the 2000 agreement providing an incentive for modernizing the EU-Mexico FTA (e.g. changes in the nature of trade and investment flows between the EU and Mexico, recent negotiations/conclusions of more advanced trade agreements with third countries)
  • Quantify all existing barriers, especially non-tariff barriers (NTBs), to the flow of goods, services and investment between the EU and Mexico, and assess the extent to which they could be addressed in a modernized FTA
  • Estimate the potential implications of such a development on global trade and investment flows, in particular on trade between the EU and Mexico, and between these and third countries (notably developing and least developed ones)
  • Estimate the effects on gross domestic product (GDP), employment, wages, and output of key sectors as well as on relevant social and environmental indicators in the EU and Mexico

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