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Publication of final evaluation report

The final report of the ex-post evaluation of the EU-Mexico Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has now been published, together with the annexes and translations of the executive summary in French and Spanish. The report describes the economic, social, human rights and environmental impacts of the FTA, which entered into force in the year 2000. Click here to download the documents.

Report of the workshop in Mexico City

On Thursday the 9th of July, a stakeholder consultation workshop took place in Mexico City. The report of the workshop can be downloaded now (see “Downloads”). A Spanish version of the report is available as well.

View_of_the_Workshop-c Economic_Panel

Publication of Interim Technical Report

The interim technical report (ITR) of the ex-post evaluation of the EU-Mexico FTA is now available online. It describes the methodology and includes a regulatory analysis, economic analysis, social analysis, environmental analysis and an analysis of the impact on human rights. Click here to go to the Downloads section.

Stakeholder event in Mexico City

A stakeholder workshop on the EU-Mexico FTA will be organised in Mexico City on 9 July 2015. The workshop is intended to validate the results of the analysis conducted thus far and is also important in receiving input and feedback for the final phase of the project. The invitation can be accessed here.

Online survey launched

The survey (Spanish and English version) is now online and can be accessed here. It contains separate parts for businesses, which allows for the identification of FTA effects, remaining barriers and priorities, and competitiveness issues (global and for the sector specifically), as well as social and environmental organisations in order to evaluate the agreement along all three sustainability dimensions. The survey will remain open until the 28th of February 2015.

Welcome and website development

Welcome to the project website on the evaluation of the EU – Mexico Free Trade Agreement and the assessment of the possible modernisation of the Agreement. This website will provide all the necessary background information to the study and will keep you up to date on the project deliverables and findings.

The website is currently under development, but will be finished shortly.

Do not hesitate to contact us or provide your feedback either via email or via the website’s comment boxes.