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Stakeholder consultations are a key component of this evaluation. The consultation process target a representative group of stakeholders from the public sector, private sector and civil society, including trade unions, employers’ organisations and consumer organisations in order to ensure the views gathered are comprehensive and balanced.

We invite stakeholders to interact with the study team on the impact assessment using the following channels:

Specific consultation activities

We gather input through different channels. The purpose of collecting stakeholder input is to gather information, views and opinions on the effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and relevance of the trade chapters of the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreements between the EU and six partner countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. It further provides stakeholders with the opportunity to give feedback on the trade agreements’ economic, social, environmental, and human rights impacts.


An open public consultation will take place through an online survey. We have designed a general (regional survey), and six country-specific surveys. These will be open for input until the end of November, 2019. They are available in English, French, German and Arabic. You can participate by clicking on one of the links below. Note that you need to create an EU Login account before you can participate.

General survey

Survey for Algeria

Survey for Egypt

Survey for Jordan

Survey for Lebanon

Survey for Morocco

Survey for Tunisia


Stakeholder workshops on the interim results of the evaluation will be held in Brussels and in the six partner countries in the period September – November, 2019. For more information, please see the events page. If you would like to participate in the local workshops, please contact the study team through the contact form or via e-mail.


In-depth interviews are conducted to obtain detailed information and facilitate discussions with a wide range of stakeholders. They will zoom in on the various impacts of the AAs. Interviews can also take place in the form of round table sessions/focus group discussions. In all Southern-Mediterranean countries our local consultants are available to interview people in their own language. If you would like to participate in the in-depth interviews, please contact the study team through the contact form or via e-mail.


A civil society dialogue will be organised in Brussels in fall 2019. The civil society dialogue aims to inform various stakeholders about the progress of the evaluation and the preliminary findings and to encourage stakeholders to provide their input. For more information, please see the website of the European Commission.


Newsletters are released at key stages in the study, coinciding with each report and other main project deliverables. Each newsletter will include a summary of the ongoing progress and preliminary results of the evaluation The newsletters are sent by e-mail to the stakeholder network. To sign up for the newsletter, please contact the study team through the contact form or via e-mail.


Please note that received contributions, together with the identity of the contributor, will be published on the Internet, unless the contributor objects to publication of the personal data on the grounds that such publication would harm his or her legitimate interests. In this case the contribution may be published in anonymous form. Otherwise the contribution will not be published.